Socialization:Homeschool vs. Public school

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April 7, 2008 9:16am CST
I have been reading around here on several similar discussions, and have just gotten fed up with the ignorance floating around out there. Choose a side of this debate, state your case, and support it with some RELEVANT research. Who knows, maybe you all will convince me to change the topic for a thesis paper I"m working on????
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@carolscash (9500)
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26 Apr 08
Well, as a home school parent I must say that I also am sick of hearing uniformed,ignorant people who say that home schooled children have no socialization. My children are 17 and 11 and probably have more socialization skills than most kids who attend public school. They are much more polite and well mannered than most of their peers. My oldest has worked a part time job since she was 14 and she has several friends at work (both her age and older). She has a boyfriend whom she met outside of work and she has met friends through him. She also has attended many teen activities at the library and made friends there. We live in a subdivision and she has several neighborhood friends that she sees on a daily basis. She has friends from her past in public school and she still is friends with the girl that she was best friends with in first grade in Tennessee! She is mature for her age and I often have people say that they wish their teen was as mature as she is and as well behaved. She can do anything that she sets her mind too and is currently saving to get a place of her own and has already purchased three cars on her own and is having a lake put on the property that her dad and her purchased for her. My 11 year old is involved in Girl Scouts, has neighborhood friends, has friends from church. Every weekend, she is either staying with friends or they are here. She has several friends at her grandparents house as she stays there a lot too. She has friends that are the children of people that we are friends with. She is not lacking social skills of any kind and is currently on a Girl Scout campout which will allow her to make friends with other Girl Scouts from around the state. We constantly meet new people at the park, playground,museums, etc. Last year we were involved in a home school group that met weekly and we still have some contact with those people also. My children aren't home schooled for religious reasons, or medical reasons. I home school them for it is the best fit for us and our schedules and I feel that I am perfectly capable of teaching them and being responsible for the children that I brought into this world.