Madonna's Adoptive Son

Madonna - Madonna leaving Malawi airport without 'David'
October 31, 2006 4:44pm CST
What are your views on this? My oppinion is that as long as 1 less child has to suffer at the hands of proverty, draught, famine and the like then who cares whether she by-passed laws or not, the country's government obviously were not over concerned so why should so-called 'do-gooders' try to interfere? Anybody else what to add there 2 pennies worth?
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@ilse72 (1453)
• United States
1 Nov 06
Everyone seems to forget that Madonna adopted a child who was in an orphan's home. No matter what the press got the father to say, he had no intention of raising this child...if he had, he would not have dumped him in a home. I think Madonna did a great thing and this kid will have the kind of life that most kids only dream of due to her wealth. I have adopted too and I am happy any time an orphaned child finds a good home. I know everyone asked why she didn't adopt in the U.S. but, as usual, only uneducated people ask that kind of thing. She adopted there because adopting in the U.S. take 10 years! Yes, 10 years! With abortion, it is next to impossible to adopt a child 6 and under...hence the long wait. And, take my word for it...those 10 years are endless when you are the one waiting to get a baby/child because you can't have one of your own. Been there, done that....
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2 Nov 06
I totally agree with you, surely the most important thing is that this is onw less child being kept in an orphanage. and we can only immagine the condition of them in Africa, and unless there is the possiblily of the child being abused in some way then I say let them go to who ever is willing to give them a home. Thx for the reply.
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• India
3 Nov 06
Yes I agree, when someone wants to adopt a child and can provide them with a loving atmosphere to grow up in people should not stand in their way as there are soo many babies and children out there who never even get a hug or a smile. People condem them but forgeting they are only children born through no fault of their. Adoption should be encouraged but care should be taken to see that no child falls in teh hands of a paedophiles.
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