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United States
April 7, 2008 1:55pm CST
Why do you think General Hospital rating are at an all time low? I know I haven't watch like I used to since the turn my favorite character in to a sicko who is out to get revenge at any cost.I'm now and forever will be a JASAM fan i really hate what they've done to Sam and I sure a lot of people are mad about it too. Maybe the writers need to start listening to the fans. Sorry to you Liason fans your boring couple is just not cutting. I would watch court TV at the GH time slot that watch those two.
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@Liasonfan (1702)
• Canada
9 Apr 08
The funny thing IS that TPTB ARE finally listening to their fans. Have you ever been over to THe Canvas ( One of MANY MANY Liason sites out there on the net with literally THOUSANDS of members. Their campaign forum has just recently gone private to keep non-Liason fans out, but their campaigns within the past 8 years have been absolutely PHENOMENAL, pouring literally thousands and thousands of dollars into Steve and Becky's favouritte charities and celebrating ABSOLUTELY every little thing that we see onscreen between these two. Becky has waited in the patiently in the background for literally years as TPTB tried with little success to pair their golden boy Jason with everyone BUT her, failling miserably each time. Becky did not whine and pout as it was reported KeMo did at the overwhelming support they received after the long anticipated (6yrs) Night of Endless Passion back in August 2006. So much more time was set aside for that than either Lucky/Maxie OR Sam/Ric, because they were just cheap one night stands. With Liason the fans had been anticipating it for years. The fans still screamed for Jason and Elizabeth. Steve and Becky talk about The Canvas website at most of their PA's (personal appearances) and are amazed at the stamina, persistence and perservance of Liasonites. Ratings for ALL soaps are down, because the number of people watching soaps today as compared to 30 years ago has decreased. IT IS ALL RELEVANT and Guza and company are happy with their numbers. Much as I feel for Jasam fans because it sure isn't nice having your couple pulled out from underneath you, but aside from the fact that Jasam just was not working...Steve does not want to work with KEMO anymore. I guess that says something right there. Jason belongs with the love of his life and the child they created TOGETHER! Oh and according to the Neilson's viewership is UP since the reunited Liason. Besides, I hear your girl has some great storylines coming up---maybe emmy worthy as she may finally be getting her baby...just not with Jason!
• United States
9 Apr 08
This is a job right and he's not the boss he needs to get over himself I don't like them that is why i won't be watching GH anymore.