Update on being kicked out of the PTC site

April 7, 2008 3:02pm CST
Ok, I understand why myLot will not allow us to copy, but for this instance I wish I could... I will type parts of it out so you can all read it. Again, the site is Anything Goes. First off, this what I wrote... "Ok, thank you for the response. I will not be rejoining. I don't like sites that cannot accommodate changes in someone's life... ie. work, real life, illness, moving, etc. I am a member of many sites and they gladely keep members until they cancel their own account. I will be removing your site from my blog, as I continued to advertise (passively) even though I couldn't be active. I appreciate your quick response" This is waht I got in reply. "Hello A strange attitude. We are very accommodating and have oftne held accounts open when a Member has been ill or away for special reasons. BUT we have to KNOW to enable us to do this. We CANNOT assume that there are serious problems and retain every single account of those taht are inactive. I have been dleted from Programs myself for inactivity that was beyond my control, but as it was in the Terms of those Programs when I joined, I had ot live iwth it, even if I was a Paid Upgraded Member. Just about every PTR program I know has an inactivity clause in their Terms. The number of members in this Program rose to nearly 900, nearly 400 of those were in active. Keeping that number of members in a database is inefficient and casues unnecessary load on the server. We do retain delted accounts for a limited amount of time, but cannot indefinitely - unfortunately yours was probably deleted in the alst purge, jsut before we moved ot our new server. I am sorry you feel this way, but this situation was beyond our control. This is why ALL programs have Terms and request that members agree ot them on signup. Best Regards, Tony" The spelling errors are mine because I'm typing fast right now. I think it's funny that he says it's out of their control. LOL And I forget who said this in the other discussion, but sure as heck, the database gets the blame. LOL Their poor poor server!!! LOL I wonder if he thought my attitude was strange because I was polite. LOL Oh well. Just thought I would share.
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@MH4444 (2161)
• United States
10 Apr 08
That's just rubbish if you ask me. I hope they do get shut down because it's just wrong to use people that way.
• Canada
11 Apr 08
They can shut down, but I bet they need to make a little more money to pay their bills. With their really intensive database and the penny of mine they kept, I think they have a few more people's money to take first. hehe
@GardenGerty (102616)
• United States
10 Apr 08
Their database and server cannot handle it. Poor dears. I wonder how myLot does it, then. I am sure a much larger portion are inactive here.
• Canada
10 Apr 08
Gerty, you are very right!! How many members does myLot have? Many more than 1000!
@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
7 Apr 08
LOL, I work as a database administrator in a large company and believe me a database with information about 900 accounts is a VERY VERY small database, they would have no problems keep every single account. I could understand their problem if they had 1,000,000 members - but less than 1,000? Come on :D
• Canada
8 Apr 08
yes, those 400 inactive members must have been slowing everything down for everyone else. Feed me another one..... LOL