How Do Soulmates Recognise Each Other And Come Together

@Darkwing (21591)
April 7, 2008 3:36pm CST
Soulmates - A soulmate is when two souls come together in one body.
I'm very interested in how soulmates recognise each other, and eventually come together as one. I mean, what if one realises that they've found their soulmate, but the other, although they realise there is a spiritual connection between the two of you, doesn't actually feel you are their soulmate. I have a scenario, leading to a hypothetical question. Here's the scenario... Let's say, you were born into a religion... you weren't given any choices, just led into the religion, and expected to follow it without question. Then, later in life, you find that this religion isn't giving you the fulfillment you need in life. You begin to search for alternatives, when one day, somebody crosses your path, whom you feel as though you've known forever. You're totally at ease with this person, trust them, hold them in high regard, begin to form a relationship... even fall in love with them. You consider them to be your twin soulmate, and they guide you to your new path. Although they care for you, a lot, they are reluctant to get into a deep relationship with you, because they've been hurt several times before, and their trust in others has dwindled. However, you're both convinced that you and they are spiritually connected, so you keep the relationship on a "close friends" basis, hoping that sooner or later each will come to trust and love the other, unconditionally, and they'll learn that you are not like the others, who let them down. You have great respect for each other as individuals, and enjoy each other's company. Also, you both know that you can confide in one another and "secrets" will go no further. The trust is formed, but there's still something driving a wedge between you as far as being "one" is concerned. After six years, you're still close friends, but there's little personal contact... just e-mails, phone calls and IM messages. What would you do? Would you stick by them through thick and thin, hoping that someday, the wedge would be removed and you could be together, putting behind you anything, however large or small that they did to hurt you? Would you carry on in the same old way, listening, caring, helping out when you can, exchanging gifts on Christmas, birthdays and any other times you felt like giving, hoping that somewhere along the path of life, you'll be allowed into their lives as a partner and their soulmate? Or... Would you back off, and contact them only once a week, or every two weeks or something, hoping they would realise how much they missed having you around? Move away with the thought in mind that "absence makes the heart grow fonder"? Even give up on them entirely, unless they came to you, knowing you were spiritually connected, and accepting you as their soulmate? Or would you deal with it in another way, and if so, how? I'd be very interested to hear how you consider soulmates recognise each other, and come together.