Am I alone out here

United States
April 7, 2008 8:53pm CST
Well im new to mylot and I don't know if I have the right to complain yet.But here I go. Tell me if im alone out here?When im blogging or disscussing all these ads for xanax, vicondin,OXYCONTIN,how to get them delivered to your house and so on are constantly on my screen.The main reason I bring these to anyones attention is im a recovoring addict.And my drug of choice OXYCONTIN. This kind of stuff ruined my life for along time.And these #$%& things drive me nuts.They really don't help out thats for sure.Am I the only one in recovery that uses mylot? I know this is a touchy subject with some but with me it's part of mylife and im not ashamed to admit it.On a lighter note I can say I have been clean for 10 months. 10 good months. So tell me am I alone out here or what?
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• India
10 Apr 08
i am receiving money to be here so i would say stick to it
• United States
11 Apr 08
Yeah thats true.I plan on staying here.I was just having a moment that night.You know when you feel that if you don't say something your going to explode.So lucky for me I was in the right place to just express my feelings :)
• United States
9 Apr 08
This is the first time I have been on all day, I am glad to see that you have posted this in a different interest, and it seems to be doing well. I will post the link to this new discussion in the one I did promoting it. Don't forget to keep commenting on every response that you get here. This will keep the discussion on the front page for a little while.
• United States
9 Apr 08
Thanks for the extra help you have gave me.Being new to this you don't know all the ins and outs.So thanks again and I will comment on every response.
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