do you like u are school? why most of the people can't forget school life?

@Dasari100 (3803)
Anantapur, India
April 8, 2008 12:17am CST
i like my school very much now i am doing master of business administration but i can remember my school life when i was in child and i can remember some situations and i had a great with them and so many teachers are very friendly with me and my friends always played jokes on me so almost all we can't forget our school life. I think in this site most of the people have great experiences and funny incidents in school age so shall you share with us?
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@munhozmib (3853)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
9 Apr 08
Hello, Dasari. There are years who aren't that good. In fact, I cannot remember too much of my school life. I have enjoyed it sometimes, at other times I have just hated it. Nowadays, I like it. I meet my friends, chat, have fun. However, the classes can be quite boring. And sometimes they leave us with nothing to do, which is also boring. We feel like inside a cage. There should be some kind of recreation to do if the classes are going to have no lessons. Anyway, going to school is just fine. I'm used to it, and I like it. Don't know for how long, though. I believe that I like because I have found people that I like inside. Respectfully, Munhozmib.
@clowdine (1402)
• Philippines
8 Apr 08
What I like most are my high school years. It's full of fun and excitement. I don't like my elementary years that much because I was always ridiculed and bullied by my classmates. College- It's exciting as well just like high school because of the freedom I enjoyed by studying in a state university. But I still like my years in high school more than I like it in college.