So I Went Driving Sunday

United States
April 8, 2008 1:01am CST
For the first time since getting my permit (like a month or two ago), I was able to drive. It was only like a 10-15 minute drive which doesn't really help that much, but anyway, I did pretty good. I had to drive to a gas station so more gas could be put into the truck. Surprisingly, I only swerved out of my lane once! That's pretty good for how nervous I was. I also had to go through lots of curves and a small bridge. I was so nervous about that bridge though because it was so small! I kept looking to the left of the truck to make sure my side stayed away from the line, but then the right side had started to go into the shoulder/ditches of the road lol. I had to constantly adjust the wheel so I would stay on the correct side. Have any of you had similar or worse disasters while you were practicing to drive? What were they and how did you react? How did the passenger of the vehicle react?
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@reene0225 (352)
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16 Apr 08
Sounds like you had some fun. I remember when I was learning to drive when I was 15. It was tough at first. I almost wrecked the car trying to pull down the visor and drive at the same time. I couldn't see, but obviously I couldn't drive either. I don't think I ever had problem swerving. Mainly just doing things while driving. Also backing up was a bit hard for me too. I almost backed into a ditch a few times. I'm not good in reverse. lol The passenger both times was my grandma who was teaching me to drive. She was very frantic.
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17 Apr 08
I remember one Christmas Eve years ago when my cousin still lived at home (I think) and our car was parked beside a tree. The tree had a metal ramp leaning against it and I was going to take my cousin back to her house so she could get something. Well, when I backed up, I didn't see that the ramp was so close to the car and it ended up making a scratch on the side. I think I got stuck too and I got yelled at in front of the whole family (we were at my grandma's house and there were like 50+ people there!) That was so embarrasing even though I wasn't the person who parked so close to that tree.
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25 Apr 08
lol I would have laughed my a$$ off if that happened to me. It's the other persons fault for parking that close to it.