A friend in need is a friend indeed???

@schummi (925)
April 8, 2008 8:22am CST
I have heard this proverb or saying or watever you call it long back....but does this really ..i mean practically apply to the friendship now a days....Now its like we make friendship just for some advantage not for the cause of friendship..... What do you guys say about this....
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• Bahamas
8 Apr 08
I think this proverb is true to those that you can really call friends. It's so unfortunate that so many people that say they are friends turn out not to be. It's getting harder to trust people on friendship basis alone,as it seems that a lot are only out to get what they want from you...Those are the one's i call fair wheather friends, only around in good times but at the first sign of trouble they're gone.
8 Apr 08
I think this proverb doesn't mean that we should make friends just for some benefits.It is a kind of testing . It means that true friendship can stand any tests.If a friend left you when you encounter some difficultis,he/she can not be called a true friend.
@RajPadma (73)
• India
8 Apr 08
You are right, now a days there is no meaning &value for Friendship, Love, Affection, Sincerety, Honesty, Straight forwardness etc., these all are only maintained for money, selfishness not more than that, but very few % of people are having the qualities of any one of above that is why world is some how in a good way, but people should change their attitude for the sake of "good".