do you respond on discussions that says "HI"

April 8, 2008 12:17pm CST
do answer those HIs or your just irritated to those kinds of discussions that you dont bother responding on them.. if you respond what do you say.. me, my typical response is hi, the username, and then have a great day and God bless you.. how about you what's your typical response
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@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
13 Apr 08
is there a discussion that says only "hi" in the respond box? i haven't encountered something like that. but i do encounter discussions that don't say much. just introducing themselves. if that discussion is asking for advice on how to get around here then i'd probably respond to that and give my advices. but if its a discussion that only says "hi, i'm new here, nice to meet you". i won't bother to respond. but if there's "i hope you can add me as a friend" i would respond and add that person as a friend.
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
9 Apr 08
those kind of discussions are violations and probably will get deleted, so I just don't bother with them.
@subha12 (18453)
• India
9 Apr 08
it actually irritates me. that day i saw one such discussion. still i replied to say him not to post those rubbish again. say some subject matter. i think this way that discussion gain fare lot of responses.
@gxnfly (1147)
• China
9 Apr 08
For far,I haven't seen any discussions that says "HI".Perhaps I will response like"Hi,there.I 'm glad to get to know you.Have fun here.Best wishes!"
@rlc456 (415)
• United States
8 Apr 08
I would say Hi
@roniroxas (10576)
• Philippines
8 Apr 08
i dont come across of a lot of plain his or hellos. maybe twice or thrice only. i do answer hi or hello. i think i responded hello because i am more of a hello person than hi. if the member who started the discussion is a newbie then i explain that they need to start a discussion or respond with atleast four lines or more to get an earning. then i say happy posting.
@meiji15 (664)
• Philippines
8 Apr 08
i would politely greet the user who started the post. having a subject that says 'hi' does not necessarily equate to non-sense. he/she may be new to site and just want to meet new friends.
8 Apr 08
as mylot is mostly for discussions, i would not responds to htat kind of discussions on mylot.