linkin park a bunch of weirdos?

April 8, 2008 1:13pm CST
What do you think about linkin park because personally i cannot stand them they dress code is unnaceptable they should be banned by the fashion police and there music is bad lmao.
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@dexterlab (458)
11 May 08
well i dont think so that the linkin park is bunch of wierd hey how can you say that about them they are good band havin awesome talent and they sing there song and rock the people there voice music is awesome now what you expect of them...........
• India
10 Apr 08
Well I think that its you who should be banned. Dress Code.. they are a damn rock band for Christ's sakes and they need not have a dress code. The whole idea of being a rock star is living like how you wish and not heeding to others opinions. Music is bad?? Have you every listened to them buddy.. go and get a life.. Their music is very good. I think you have failed to understand them. Well All I can say is that you have nor properly understood their music and thus have no right to comment upon their status as being good or not! bourne
@realgem1 (260)
• India
10 Apr 08
I would think that you either dont have ears or brain, coz you are missing some good music which makes some sense and meaning. Try to understand each and every word of linkin park lyrics and song and enjoy the different beat, listen, no musicians like to give bad song its just that you have to understand what exactly they are saying and what it means to you in your real life and thats when you get attracted, and in this case linkin park successfully attracted many people and still attracting many more and thats why they are the best, hats off to linkin park
• Mexico
9 Apr 08
u are an idiot if i u think that,they are one of the most popular bands nowadys, c'mon thy still being famous since 2001, u don't know of music if u think da opposite.