Snakes - The fear factor.

@kalass (611)
April 8, 2008 4:57pm CST
Once when i was pursuing my 7th grade i wnet my native village for my winter holidays. Though i used to enjoy a lot but since it was a village and due to the presence of lot of farms around our village house, a lot snakes were said to present in those farm areas. I had a great fear for snakes which i still have, so i never used to go near the farms. One day after playing wiht my friends i had to walk thru' the fields to make it to the house faster. A hallow lane was present along side me wheni was walking. When i looked into the lane for a sec i saw a 5 foot snake brownish in color moving slowly with the same speed as i was walking. the moment i saw the snake i knew it was poisonous. I kept my cool and without doing anything foolish i just slowly stopped walking and let the snake go forward. after a while when i lost the snake i took a diiferent route to my house. Share some of ur experiences u had with snakes... when it comes to snakes even a little thing is really interesting and fascinating... i would like u all to any little thing u have in ur mind
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