Odd Laws of Anime (Part 2)

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April 8, 2008 7:50pm CST
As I suspected, the list was too long. The first part of the list can be found here http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/1468241.aspx Here's the remaining list. Hope you have fun! 31. The law of mechas (I hate Gears...) - There are always giant machines... always. 32. The law of unusual anatomy - If a robot or android is female, usually they are not only anatomically correct, they are capable of many human functions: eating, sleeping, emotions, blushing, and even "adult pleasures" 33. The law of unusual anatomy: part 2 - If a female robot or android is anatomically correct, there are times the ability goes up to and includes pregnancy... 34. The law of robotics - Robotics is very easy (and either completely obvious in the story, or hidden to everyone but the protagonist) 35. The law of robotics: part 2 (Paranoia rule, GitS rule, Animatrix rule) - Anyone can be a robot...even your parents... 36. The law of story irony - Sometimes the heroes find they would have been better(or MUCH BETTER) off if they didn't meet each other, or read that strange magic book, or go out with that one girl, or take advice from that strange cloaked guy, or decide to singlehandedly fight the entire world... 37. The counter law of US Sitcoms - The guy is not always an idiot, and even if he's wrong, he's not alone in that. There are a few acceptions, typically known as whipping boys (or characters there to make the protagonist look much better) 38. The counter law of US Sitcoms: part 2 (moe rule, annoyance rule) - Several female characters have been depicted as ditzes, incorrect, naive or completely helpless. Maybe this is why anime isn't shown much on US programming. 39. The law of GOOD music and intro/endings - Anime features many good introduction skits, ending skits and music. 40. Law of flashy attacks (Gundam rule, Disgaea rule, Dragonball rule) - Usually if the attack has animations or afterimages behind it, its powerful 41. Law of overpronounced attacks (Dragonball Z rule) - Usually if the attack has a silly or long name, or has yelling behind it, its powerful. Usually a finishing move or an "mushroom cloud" producing attack... 42. Law of Your True Form! - If a villain folds faster than Superman, chances are very high it was either a shadow, or a puppet, or not their real form, or your buddy in mind control 43. Law of Your True Form: part 2! - The true forms of villains (and some heroes) range from devil looking, large city wide body, angel looking, a giant appendage or face, a brain, a computer, a spaceship, a space whale, a more powerful angel (if they were already one) 44. Law of Your True Form: part 3! - Other true forms are just color changes or pallette swaps with very little difference in appearence (compared to part 2). These include "level up", "unrestricted", "the rosary came off", "I wear a wig", "Super Saiyan", "I slicked my hair back so now I talk with both voices" 45. Law of Parodies - There is always a parody or reference to culture. It maybe large and obvious, or something quick and minor. 46. Law of Parodies: part 2 - If you don't get the parody, don't worry. Sometimes they are much more esoteric than anime itself. 47. Law of Endings - Any ending can happen. Sometimes multiple endings happen. 48. Law of Endings: part 2 - Unless is painfully obvious or a "staple" anime, the ending can be hard to guess. This can also be due to too many changes from original media to the anime. 49. Law of borderline addictions - Either the main character or a supporting character has some sort of addiction (either to candy, a specific food, pocky, drinks, sweets). Don't be surprised when a character throws all caution to the wind or gets bribed when presented with certain minor items. 50. Law of addictions - Usually villains have more serious addictions, needing them to survive or to explain their own villainy. While not expected, sometimes villains have silly addictions too (candy, games, their own voice) 51. Law of Vampires and demons (Pro sarcastically says: Great story...coulda used a vampire -_-) - Several animes have demons or vampires in them. 52. Law of Vampires: part 2 - Several of these vampires are not killable by "traditional" ways (stake in heart, sunlight, etc) 53. Law of Death (in memory of plenty of dead anime characters...) - If you die, you die 54. Law of Death part 2 (Neo Roanoke rule) ...unless you are scheduled to come back as the masked guy in season 2 55. Law of Death part 3 (Various obvious characters...) ...or death doesn't apply if your name is the title of the anime! 56. Law of Death part 4 (Sephiroth rule) ...or they don't really die especially if you have millions of fanboi's and fangirls spending tons of money and time on the character. 57. Law of Revival - No you don't get to come back 58. Law of Revival part 2 - If you do want to come back you better hope the weirdness rule is in effect... 59. Law of Academia - It rarely or never matters if the main character is in sports, and if they are, they probably suck 60. Law of Academia part 2 - It always matters if the characters do well on the exam (otherwise the story doesn't go on...) 61. Law of blushing - Everyone blushes (all except the Stolid type protagonist and if you found an image or video where they do, its probably by some fangirl... or boy... -_-) 62. Law of lunchtime! - There is always a lunch episode or "bento" episode. 63. Law of cooking/Law of lunchtime: part 2 - There is always a cooking scene, either your protagonist is doing it, or some character is clueless and trying to learn 64. Law of horrors - In horror anime, nothing is held back... In fact it can be so bad, networks will censor or even pull episodes. 65. Law of awesomeness - Enjoying anime makes you awesome. You are also awesome for reaching this point of the list. :)
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9 Apr 08
So I'm awesome now huh? Good. I thought I was beginning to lose major cool points in my fast approaching old age.
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Impossible. So much coolness cannot leave a generator of cool, unless it is metted out by choice.