What is the baddest, physical, thing that happed to you?

April 8, 2008 10:03pm CST
Hello friends, The baddest physical thing that happed to me is my scar. It happed like this: It was summer time I think and I was 4 years old and at my grandparents farm. I was getting bored and my grandparents were busy with work, so I got a stick and started to sting the farm dog. (This wasn't a family dog that every one loves and it's playful, it was a dog that all the village were fearing it. It had a strong chain and it was surrounded by a big fence.) So the dog got mad and started barking, but I didn't got afraid and started to sting it harder and harder until the dog catch it and I didn't let go so the dog pulled me to him and bite me. After the dog bite me the first time me grandfather came and pulled me out. I was rushed fast to hospital and the doctors operated me. The scar is so big and visible because they had to use fastener the be sure that the meat will steak together. Please don't start blaming my grandparents or other people, I am the only to blame, I was warned about the dog and I was aware of what he can do. After this incident I didn't start to hate dogs, I love them very much and I'm not afraid of them. So what is the baddest, physical, thing that happed to you? Take care and have a great day ScarFace
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@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
9 Apr 08
The worst that happened to me was when I jumped out of a train. It was very hard to get off the train because some idiot woman afraid to get off because they thought they don't have enough space between ours and another one... So until I made way to the door the train had already left the station, but I thought it didn't caught enough speed, so I jumped. Needless to say I hit hit stones between the rails. I broke my nose, and had several superficial injuries: one on my forehead, one on my upper lip, one (the worst) on the right hand, right at the base of my first finger (the opposable one), which I couldn't bend for about 3 weeks, because the muscle was affected; other injuries that left some little scars were on my ribs, where the basin bones start. Well, I got up and went home by foot, which is about 4 km away from the train station. My mother started to cry when she saw me, but there was nothing to worry about, just skin injuries, no stitches or operations needed. I don't have a problem with trains either, I still go home from college by train.
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