If Others can Do,,why can't I???

stickman - a stickman whom imitate others act..
April 8, 2008 10:35pm CST
do you believe this??? sounds like were following footsteps of the person ahead of us??? can we really do what other's can or just telling the whole world that were not too small nor too short to be treated as mother loser at all... hey what 'bout you???
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@winterose (39918)
• Canada
10 Apr 08
it depends on what it is, we have to know what our strengths and weaknesses are, yes we can be a success like other people do, but a success in what, if you can't play an instrument you will not be a success as a pianist, but if you are good with art you may very well become a famous artist one day.
• Philippines
10 Apr 08
yeah...but why should we challenge to be like others ...can we just take it on our won ...
• Philippines
9 Apr 08
I think that's a motivational quotation or saying that aims to boost one's morale to achieve or reach something that others have achieved of reached.
@Swaana (1208)
• India
9 Apr 08
I love to try my hands on various things. But I prefer to do those things that I could really do. I dont like to compare myself with others as I know my capacity and know what I could really do. If you can do something, I can do something different. I may try what you do, but may not succeed, but that doesnot mean that I am a looser.