What ways can you make money online other than GPT, PTC and PTR?

United States
April 9, 2008 12:47am CST
I'm looking to make some extra money on the side but I want it to be decent at least. For starters, I have a job. (For those that might attack me and say I need to stop being lazy and go get a real job.) I'm not looking to get rich. I've seen those scams that say from 1 click on an ad you can make a million. I just want some good extra money to help out when I need it but honestly, I need something that has the possiblility of making me $50. If I can make more that would be great but $50 is good. I know about Gpt and ptc and ptr so I want OTHER ways I can make money. Is there a little selling business, some program, test products, etc. I prefer it to be free to join. If I need an interview that's fine but no upfront costs. Also, I want it to be worth its time. I've been on so many that I've worked like my regular work schedule and only get a penny when I know I should have made like $100. I do put hard work in and take the time and patient but if it takes a year to reach payout, it's not for me. Sorry it was long but anyways, I hope you can give me some good sites. Thank you.
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• Pakistan
9 Apr 08
If you think that you can make big amount on net from survey and other surfing etc sites then you are wrong. They will never pay you they are just scams. As you can see mylot is really paying you but they pay you very small after your hard work. It means it is not easy to make big amount on net with less effort. I make big amount like 3000$ a month on net but i make it in gambling.