when did you read it for the first time?

April 9, 2008 4:46am CST
I read the book for the first time when I was 10 years .. At that time I did not realize its worth..When I reread it after a few years .. when I was 15.. I fully understood what was the book about.. So when was the time you first read the book and what impression did it make on you and your life?
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@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
13 Apr 08
The first time I'm 11 old. I already had heard about the holocaust and this way I could understand what it is about. Great book and great girl.
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• India
14 Apr 08
Yeah she is a great girl.If I had known about holocaust at that time, I would have understood the book better the first time I read it.. Thank you for the reply.
• Philippines
12 Sep 09
My sister bought the book because of a requirement in school. She said it's a collector's item and that it's hard to find in bookstores now a days. But I think it's available now in the market. Anyway, one time when I have nothing to do I read the book and OMG, I was always intrigue by the Nazis and stuff, but this book got really into me. Its really not a joke hiding in an attic with limited things to do, you can't make a noise, little food, always scared for the day you'll get caught. And then it happened. But truly Anne Frank continue to live and tell her stories...
@SHELLZ64 (15)
• United States
23 Jul 09
Same here.A few years ago I read the book..well actully my freinds told me about the book and i read centain parts of it but it didnt interst me. But I am now 15 reading it again for english class and its not that bad of a book,but i never knew back then that it was based on a true story.
@buenavida (8785)
• Sweden
11 Nov 08
I am not sure, but it must have been when I was a teenager. That time I saw a movie too in cinema. Later there has been a new movie on TV. I think it is easier to understand what happened when we get elder and know more about what happened in the world that time.
@anneshirley (1516)
• Philippines
16 May 08
I read the book for the first time when I was in high school, 3rd year. We are required to make a book report then. Just to cope with the requirement, I just flip through the pages and voila! I have a project. I read it again when I was in college, this time, I realize the importance of the book and the life of anne frank. I even cried for her hardship and I recommend this book to all of my friends