Crazy eating habits

April 9, 2008 7:50am CST
A woman I used to work with sent me an email this morning telling me that she's training for her half and full marathon. She knows I'm a bit crazy about what I eat and asked me about what I eat for breakfast (the most important meal of the day or so we've been told). Following is my reply to her. Good for you in the running. I did my first half marathon two weeks ago and am doing another one this weekend. I hate running so I have much admiration for someone who is planning a full marathon. When I finally get around to doing it. I'm going to have to train A LOT longer than for the half. Anyways, by breakfast consists of the following (and keep in mind, its not for everyone and is sometimes, em, err, hard to digest):2 cups of blueberry flax seed granola (it's by a company called Golden Temple) Dried cranberries (organic with cane sugar) Raisins (organic) Dried gogi berries (Himalayan berry found at specialty food stores) Raw sunflower seeds (organic) Raw pumpkin seeds(organic) A handful of a nut mix that I make which includes almonds, fiberts, wall nuts, cashews and pistachios (organic). On mornings that I ride or run for long training sessions, I add two table spoons of hemp hearts for protein and Omega 3's. Mix it all together with enough plain goat's milk yogurt to choke it down.
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