love for the big and beautiful

October 31, 2006 6:41pm CST
are there really men out there that prefer bigger women or do they just say that to make us feel better. I have never met anyone who was really interested in big women. it just happen that way or it was all they could get. Big women need lovin' too. what do you think
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@chance00 (3333)
• United States
1 Nov 06
Monique - Monique is beautiful
I love the big and beautiful.Monique is such a beauty!!
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• Canada
1 Nov 06
that is really cool. i respect those that are big and comfortable with their size and realize they are beautiful
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
17 Nov 06
Yes, Some men are attracted to more thicker or heavier women, and others are attracted to skinnier women. When I date I am not attracted physically to a person at all other then eyes and hair.. I am just attacted to good personality, character, and intellect... As I am not a physically romantic type, but I do like to sing, and write poems, and be mentally romantic type. Different people have their different preferences. I tend to be attracted to independant types, who are very adventurous and get along with about everyone... and who enjoy socializing and joking as much as I do. Everyone deserves and needs love, and people with obesity is no exception.. I do not care how society treats a person, everyone has someone out there for them, no matter their weight, height, race, skin color etc. There is someone for everyone out there if they are persistent enough to keep looking, they will find them :). - DNatureofDTrain.