Rock, ruin our ears...

@Wyrus168 (131)
April 9, 2008 3:28pm CST
It's true, that Rock music does ruin our ears, sometimes causing it to malfunction. Besides that, using a headset and put on high volume while listening to music may also affect your ears. I had this one time, I was walking on the road, then suddenly I can't hear a thing but this sound "eeeeeeeeeeeeeee" ringing in my ear. I wasn't sure whether it's really that effective, that I recovered and can hear more clearly after a drink at the Starbucks. Do you all faced the same problem as I have??? Then you should start not to listen to rock music and never listen to music using headset, once a while, but not too much. Try some classic song, I recommend Connie Talbot, the 6 years old girl from BGT.
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@rombi001 (943)
10 Apr 08
I think any type of music can ruin your ears if you have the headphones on at full volume.. I agree that using headphones does affect your hearing but I;m not sure to what extent rock music can damage your hearing. How about classic rock, all the ballads... Some ballads are more relaxing than most of the songs they play at starbucks.
• United States
9 Apr 08
I play mine loud for the simple fact, that I like my music loud. But I also like to use the saying "If it's to loud, your too old." So I guess, that means I am not old yet. My music is loud right now, but it's only at about a quarter of its volume.
• Belgium
9 Apr 08
it's true that if you listen to music and you listen to it at high volume that your hearing will get wors and worse. But if you listen at rock, pop, r&b, metal. All the same, i listen to metal music but i don't put my music so load and when i have a headset up , i'm not stupid, i don't do it load at all. I only use my headset if i ride my bike and then it's just background music.
@reeseyj (906)
• United States
9 Apr 08
It is not because of the music yu are listening to it is how loud you have it. Any loud noise above a certain octain will ruin your hearing. I agree with you though that ear phones are bad.
9 Apr 08
It's not just rock music, any music listened at a consistently loud level or a job using loud machinery can cause hearing damage. People should be a lot more careful and protect their hearing. I would agree that someone like Lemmy from Motorhead is probably nearly deaf now though!