With the age growing,my girl treat me as a foe 'cause I still stay in the school

April 9, 2008 7:25pm CST
I'm 26 this year.6 years ago,my girl presented in my life,and made my life corlorful.I'm a freshman that time.After I graduated,I decided to enter another university in a big city,that would spend another 3 years as follow.But you know it is not a good way to our love,for I can't even afford the fees of studying in a institute.Last year,she graduated from a small college in a small city.She found a job as a primary school teacher then,but that city was very far from me,we had to met for half a year.Although she wanted to be a teacher and willingly to stay with kids,she resigned at last and came into my city.Except teaching,she didn't have any method to find a job here.Without any my help,she had to work hard to make both ends meet.Despairedly,she became impatient to me,and asked me leave the institue to work or she would leave me for ever.I felt a great pressuere .What should I do?I will get another degree next year,although it can't give me great help for my future work,but it is very important for my parents.From now on,my parents provide some my fees in my study. I want to know,when a girl in the such situation,no money,no security,and no hope in a short time, will she select leave her guy? Even their love lived for six years?
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10 Apr 08
That's a very tough question, Steven.....I'm sorry you're going through this. Six years is a good while to be in a relationship, so I'm sure you love each other, but the things is, you could move, stay together, get married and live happily ever after, but there's no guarentee that that will happen at all. Since you are finished with your education (which is very very important-good for you) if you feel that you should transfer to another job to be with her, if you feel that she is that important to your life, than do it. If you aren't sure about her and if you feel your job is more important, than stay where you are and reevaluate your relationship. I don't think anyone can advise you on this because you're the only one who knows what this relationship is really made of, so, my advise on that would be: go with your gut, your instincts. If things don't work out with either one, it is not the end of the world for you! You will have many opporitunities in life!
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• China
11 Apr 08
Thank u for ur advise !