Who likes being able to do whatever they want in a game. There is a solution.

United States
October 31, 2006 7:36pm CST
I believe all games no matter what style should allow you to do whatever you want henceforth the name RPG ( Role Playing Game). Although some games come really close to this(a example I use alot would be Elder Scrolls). They really don't allow you to do everything. Everygame has it's limits. What would really be perfect is if there was one game that you controlled through the ages. As though you controlled them from when the earth was created to present and beyond. To do this would require constant memory so possibly a computer that had memory attachments. With each memory attachment equalling up to a possible three RAM. To keep more space on your poor hard drive would be for best thoughts have it when you move on to the next section Ex. Stone Age to Midevel ages It would keep the changes you made so not to affect the current age but delete the previous age that you just completed. Another thing that would have to be done is constant downloads off the internet to keep your game nice and fresh. This hase been your video game man. Mharmon1
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