Still doing my ptr cleaning and had a thought about all the BUX sites

United States
April 9, 2008 10:24pm CST
I go to to find new ptr sites that have been verified as paying their members. Well all I hear on mylot is about all the Bux sites and I know several members who are getting paid. So now my question: Why arent any of the Bux sites listed on beenpaid's lists of paying sites? One can take this several ways and I want to learn everything about ptr. Beenpaid could be just some membership which rewards its members with that "seal" cause its always about the money. OR Bux sites dont qualify for their membership. OR maybe all the bux sites dont feel the need to pay any membership fees. So what do you think about Bux sites not being on beenpaid's list? Does it really matter? The bottom line for me is GETTING PAID.
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