Living to die...

United States
April 10, 2008 1:02am CST
So I am watching Primetime and they are doing a show on Randy Pausch. His story is so inspirational and motivating. And it makes me think about the fact that we are all dying... We might have another 30 years or we might have another 30 minutes. But, we are all born to die...we don't need a dr to tell us that. It's the way it is. So, shouldn't we live each day like it is our last? What would you spend your time doing if YOU were given 6 months to live? Why should we not live that way every day? Love on your kids, love on your spouse, your friends, take time to enjoy simple things...? Maybe change a priority or two...? I know I don't live like today is my last. How sad. How about you? Does his story change your outlook even a little?
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@kiran1978 (4137)
• Australia
10 Apr 08
Sadly I don't live my life like it is my last moments. I wish that I did. I have thought about it before though. Not sure why I don't. There are so many more things I want to do in life, so I hope I have many more years to come yet. I guess it is easy to get caught up in the routine of life, such as kids, work etc that you can forget to live life to the fullest. If I was given 6 months to live, I would firstly make sure everyone I love, knows how much I love them. I would spend most of my time with them. Then I would also like to take a world trip and try some adventurous activities like sky diving, white water rafting. i wouild also stop work and appreciate every day, hour, minute and second I had left in life.
@paid2write (5202)
10 Apr 08
Something similar changed my outlook several years ago when a man who knew he was soon to die described how differently he saw the world in his final year. The blossom on the tree outside his window seemed the most beautiful he had ever seen because he knew he was seeing it for the last time. Ever since then I have tried to live as if I was experiencing everything for the last time, it really does make even the most insignificant things seem very special. I think if you always treat people as if you will never see them again it will make you appreciate them so much more.
@karma118 (294)
• United States
11 Apr 08
dying before you want to - I don't want to die!
I wish I could live everyday like it's my last but I'm so concerned with me and my children's future that it's too hard to. I want to be the dare devil non caring, spontaneous, care free person who is happy all the time just knowing that life is worth living, even for a short period. Even a hundred years is a short period whether you realize it or not. I'm just not that person but it is inspirational knowing that others are.