number of times you hav watched titanic

April 10, 2008 2:23am CST
hey... how many times have you watched Titanic?? ever felt bored after watching it the last time????
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• Trinidad And Tobago
17 Apr 08
I watch Titanic over twenty five and I neverfelt bored
• Trinidad And Tobago
17 Apr 08
I find Titanic to be a very powerful movie about power ,love and hate.I never get tired of watching it
• Netherlands
25 Apr 08
love this movie. i watched this 10 times. it is full of romantic and love story. i very like it. i dont ever felt bored when watching this movies. last times i wantch this movie is last week with my girlfriend.
@YennLing (112)
• Canada
18 Apr 08
I'm totally crazy about this movie. Watched it more than 10 times. I wish I could change the ending, I'm always upset when I think about it.
@lynettebyc (2416)
• China
18 Apr 08
Only once. I first heard of this movie from one of classmates. She's gone crazy for it, everyday she'd listen to the cassette tape, listen to the music." My heart will go" Then there came a chance that i went to see it with classmates at a discount of the ticket. Never after had i reviewed, caz i don't like to review movies nor situation comedies. But last night, i watched IV when the programme was commenting Titanic, Suddenly I decided to watch again. Yeah, it's fantastic and classic indeed.
@busta1baby (1238)
• United States
14 Apr 08
o man i think ive watched it like 100 x's... i love this movie always will
@yuanhuann (197)
• Malaysia
12 Apr 08
cinema 2 times, VCD 6 times, DVD 2 times, Download 5 times, am i scaring anyone here? haha~
• United States
11 Apr 08
I have watch the Titanic about 10 time, thats not counting the first one lol, the movie don't bore me I really like the movie, if you really pay attention,you alway see something that you didn't see before,
• Pakistan
10 Apr 08
i watched titanic 12 times. When i watched it first time then i liked it so much and then i watched it again and again. It is a great love story. I did not get bored when i watched it last time. May bei will watched it again for a few times more. Lol.
@gxnfly (1147)
• China
10 Apr 08
About three or four times.Actually I do get a little bored last time I watched Titanic.It's just me,I just can't stand watch the same old stuff for several times.
@RAINBOW2 (47)
• Argentina
10 Apr 08
Maybe about 20 times.Is a great story and it reminds me when I was like 12 years when I was obssesed with Di Caprio. I´ve seen Romeo and Juliet almoust 50 times and it always trapped me
@voldo29 (103)
• Australia
10 Apr 08
Umm well i have never watched it completely through but i have seen bits of it. Thats why i havent watched it, because the bits i have seen bored the crap out of me ;)