Comment about the First Asian Idol

April 10, 2008 8:55am CST
I was so surprised to hear Ata announced Hady Mirza's name as the first Asian Idol. Frankly I think Hady owes his achievement to his fans in Singapore and also to his looks. Let's face it, did you think he had the best vocals in the show? No. BUT whatever it is, he did Singapore proud so I shall not rant further. Congratulations. Apart from Hady's victory, there are other things about this little Asian Idol competition that really puzzles me. One thing is for sure, the planning and execution of this regional competition sucks to the core. You really have to excuse my language here but who the hell organized this competition? There was too much publicity for Mike (Indonesian idol) with him performing so many times tonight and so much emphasis of his name during the entire show. Yes, I understand the fact that Asian Idol held in Jakarta, but that's not a good enough excuse. Hady and Jaclyn sang the song "Freedom" originally sang by George Michael together and boy do you have to hear what Malaysian host Kui Jien had to say after their performance, Singapore and Malaysian in perfect harmony. Something you don't get to see very often." Somehow I cannot deny the amount of truth behind his statement. It is just that something as sensitive as this shouldn't be said on a show that is being broad casted to so many countries around the region. Ah, just ignore me. Just keep posting, Mickey
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