THe BoNus Question????

April 10, 2008 9:14am CST
hi there,, just curious what to ANSWER if given a bonus question in assurance to enter HEAVEN with no-more count on the credits of your sins done on earth.... -the question is "Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)???? what do you guyz think??? why is it that there are many the religions always make Hell as the threat if not entering heaven..???
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10 Apr 08
Hell is not about centripetal or centrifugal thermal abyss, pal. It's a state of existence made analogous to something "burning" because its of an afterlife quality of ABSOLUTE LOVELESSNESS, and not of an afterlife spatial location. I don't know how to make it a little more light. But look, if you're mad, you're like burning inside. That's why, there was a medieval Saint (I won't tell you who .lol) who said that when we are angry, our blood boils. That's the kind of analogy a religion such as Christianity uses in a belief that when a soul goes in a state of ABSOLUTE HATE, because in his lifetime he went about doing nothing that loves his fellow or himself, it kind of approximates what hell is like. That's the kind of situation which characterizes hell. It's not about mathematical thermal computation of hotness or coldness. It's a matter of characterization of one's state in the afterlife. I bet that God would not ask you some bonus question about hell when you face him in heaven. He will just merely ask: HOW MUCH HAVE YOU LOVED? Because if we profess a faith that sees God as LOVE, then should we do the same while we are here on earth. Just thinking out very loud. lol
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• Canada
11 Apr 08
to me hell is just the separation from god, it may not be anything to do with heat, just not in the same place as god.