Relationship with the forces

April 10, 2008 12:46pm CST
I recently split up with my boyfriend of two years because he is in the army. When we first got together it was great and we were really close. He then applied to the army and got accepted. When he left for basic taining it was possibly the worst day i can remember. That happened when we had been together just over six months. Since then, it got harder and harder and we started arguing alot. About a month ago we had a big argument and ended up splitting up. I was heartbroken and have been upset since. i miss him loads and have been thinking of gettin back with hm, but i dont see how it would be any different, especially as he will be going on tour soon. Ay one else been in a similar situation? any advice is more then welcome.
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10 Apr 08
Here are some hugs for encouragement. - I wanted to share these hugs with everyone I found them on the net and wanted to pass them on.
The thing to remember is things are only as good as you make them you have to figure out why you were arguing all the time after he joined the armed forces,there is no wrong in that you could have mixed emotions and scared of what is going to happen to him if you really love each other then you should give love a chance it is a very strong feeling and is very strong and can guide you through the rough times it is always nice to have a person to love and understand you and wants to be with you and take care of you.I suggest you talk with him and see if you can over come what the real problem is and then let love lead the way.I wiah you good luck my friend and have a great day.