What do you hope to see in GTA IV?

United States
April 10, 2008 1:56pm CST
What kind of features and missions would you like to see in the new GTA IV when it comes out? What will be the first thing you do when you start the game? I will probably drive around and see the new sites of Liberty City! How about you?
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@irdsm1 (288)
• United States
22 Apr 08
Hmmm...this is a toughy. I hope that they include the ability to grab onto a moving truck or car or helicopter! That looks like an awesome ability! The new aiming system look good too. You'll probably be able to swim, and probably be able to do other neat things. The first thing I'll do is explore and look for easter eggs! I'mma find bigfoot somewhere I bet! Dan
• Italy
10 May 08
I want see the UFOs and the BigFoot :)
@veetox (7)
• Italy
10 May 08
I want see the UFOs and the BigFoot:)
@union6 (326)
16 Apr 08
yea, i think that just exploring will be at the top of my list, as i have been told that it has so many setures and side bits, lol i could be entertaind all day by just surfing the in game internet lol
@dizzy90 (36)
• Romania
11 Apr 08
firstly i would like to see that they added a support for wheels, ilove playing games with joysticks and all that, new cars, and better ones, i hope it would be longer because i enjoyed every gta game and i still play san andreas, of course i would like the city to be a little more realistic and with many interesting and new things.