what would you do?

April 10, 2008 2:19pm CST
if you being bruce almighty, what would you do? get a lot of maney, womans, cars, houses, islands, or killed the people that you dislike? or anything else..?
4 responses
• Indonesia
10 Apr 08
i'd like to make a good things for everyone and make a peacefulness on the world
• United States
11 Apr 08
I would move to las Vegas and live the life.
• India
12 Apr 08
i would travel the world. make a lot of money and live my life kingsize!
@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
10 Apr 08
If I am bruce almighty, I will wish for 1. World Peace :) 2. MOney to pay all of our debts 3. Jobs for the jobless 4. Shelter for the homeless 5. Food for all people That's about it since Bruce Almighty acted like a God there so I think if I will be God, that will I do!
@mefadon3 (298)
• United States
10 Apr 08
You might not believe this, but we all have a Bruce Almighty in us. We just got to learn how to tap into it and use it. I will use my powers for good and not evil and I will also make myself happy with out harming others. I would not kill anyone, because then someone will eventually try to kill me. Great discussion.