Sunburns. Ow. ;.;

United States
April 10, 2008 8:54pm CST
I've been lucky, I've never gotten a sunburn [that I remember] until today. It's really bizarre because I was only out for a little bit, working on some homework [because it was too nice a day to be inside at a desk] and when I get back in I realize that only my right arm and nose burned. (I wasn't at home, and I didn't think to grab sunscreen this morning, because when I left it was still dark.) So, now my right forearm and nose are burned [not the rest of me, which seems really strange]. It doesn't look like a terrible burn, they're just awkwardly red and sting a little. I just put some aloe vera gel on the arm, and it's done wonders, but is there anything else I should consider using or be on the look out for in terms of 'you should worry when this happens'?
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