teens and alcohol

@retsky (14)
April 10, 2008 9:56pm CST
Well, its nothing new that teenagers get into drinking and smoking. I did it, my parents did it and I know that my children have done it. Luckily for me, it didnt take them long to understand the repercussions, hangovers and lack of self respect that drinking brings teenagers. Three weekends of drinking at home with a couple of friends (and parents permission who seem to think like me) till they were so sick they couldnt stand up, and they got over it. They were fully supervised, didnt go anywhere and it was one of the hardest things I have had to do as a mother, was to watch my 14 year old daughter write herself off on alcohol. I was both ashamed and embarressed for her and her friends, and took some film of them dancing around. I showed them the next day, and my daughter and her closest friend were quite embarrassed. The other girl who was with them has been a drinker for a couple of years now and is apparently making it the main focus on the weekend. My two have left her behind. So, I dont know what to suggest to other people, but me letting them do it seemed to get it out of their system and it only took three weekends for them to hate alcohol and what it does. I am really lucky.
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@mimm45 (168)
• Australia
11 Apr 08
My niece started drinking when she was 18. It wasn't so bad though because she only drank during family occassions. However, we always reminded her not to drink in public and to take care if she does. We're always afraid that some boy might take advantage of her when she's had a couple of drinks. She has been very good and has followed our advice. It might be a bit difficult for teenagers to avoid drinking and smoking if their peers are doing it. Parents have a hard time raising their children and peer pressure does not help in any way. I liked what you did. I might try it with my own children.