I Have A Secret To Tell You!!! ( IT MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE)

United States
April 11, 2008 12:46am CST
I have a secret to tell you that you most likely didn't know. It is something we all do but most of us don't realize it. Once you understand it you will have power and wisdom to offset your life and change it for the better. I have a question for you.. What word is mostly spoken in your conversations with others? ................................... No its not hello .......or Hi............its the word I....We human are so selfish in our discussions that we use the word I more than any other word. But listen next time. The other person is also over using it. haha check it out. Now let me inform you on the slightly hurtful part of this discussion...... People don't care about what you are saying........Woops! did I just say that?...Yes .... I .... Think I did. .... Its true.... Think about it.... The last time you was talking with a person face to face did you really care about what they were saying? Did you really care? Or was you just waiting for them to stop talking so you can talk? Yes......... You don't really care about what they are saying do you?..... So why do you think its any different to them when your talking?.... Ahh Haaa!!!! Now you see it? If you truely understand what i just said you can know how to steer people. Your words and ideas will not steer people. someone elses ideas will steer them. Unless things are personal to someone then they will not do anything. Think about it. If your friend is hungry do you feed yourself? If your hungry do you just feed your friend? Of course not. You eat when your hungry. If you can find something to interest people they will move in your direction. You can't drag a horse up a hill by the rope but you can lead it with a carrot. you can't force people to go your way. If you think you can then walk away and hide and see if they still do it your way. If you have to read this over and over do it. This discussion can change your life and everyone you come in contact with. Even if you don't want to, just act interested when someone is talking and they will love you. you know the truth about humans now. have fun with it. good luck.
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@gandatwo (602)
• Australia
12 Apr 08
Have you ever tried refering to yourself in the third person?sounds quite silly..Lol My happiness does not depend on anyone other then myself,this is sort of a golden 'rule' for want of a better word for me.More often then not,if one simply listens to another,it is enough.You are correct,others will do what they wish to regardless.
@Breath (1297)
• United States
11 Apr 08
I believe you have opened my eyes to a new insight about my self and others around me.In our society we do tend to be selfish and use the I word a lot and also care more for our own self then even family or close friends.I do care what poeple say to me and take everyone's feelings over my own in most cases.My heart loves to talk but it always knows the words listen,compassion,care for soemone other then my self.Sometimes like most people I can be selfish in my way of thinking.So thanks for the insight...
@Esoteric1 (866)
• Canada
11 Apr 08
good point "I" use the work I a lot, and so do others as we all have a strong sense of self or identity. Plus it's hard sometimes to not use the word I when people are asking your opinion on things. I remember my coach telling me there is no I in team .. I never did learn that too well :P
@rockvixen (894)
• United States
11 Apr 08
Wow, you know what. I've just realized that people do use the word I more than anything. I do it a lot an now I'm realizing how selfish I am. This will help many people, you've made me think and I know others will too. Thank you for this information, this sad but truthful information. Now this is a lesson everyone should learn.