If i should let my mother help me ??

April 11, 2008 1:35am CST
A few years ago , i was divorced . And my daughter and i live together . And now my daughter is a pupil now . And she has to spend much money . And now i am working in a company . But my salary is almost enough for our living life . Now , i am feeling i want to continue to learn . But for that i have to need to pay for the fees . I feel i am very confused . If i learn , my salary will not enough for my daughter. And if i let my mother help me pay for a little money on my fees . I feel a little shy . Because my mother 's life is not very good . And i never give her any money or some gifts to her . I feel a little shy to her . Sometimes she helps me a lot . For example she often helps me to receive my daughter from school . I never give her many thanks . I don't know how to say my ideas to her .
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