Is it just me or does this sound Weird ??

United States
April 11, 2008 1:35am CST
Well first of all this is a true story and it is my story (right outta the horses mouthlol=)!Well in June of "98" I was 8yrs.old I moved in with my dad , in his newly bought double wide trailer well after months of living there , i learned it use to be slave quarters back in the day! Which I thought was wroung and is glad it has stopped ! But anyway thats all i knew about the history of the place well I would have strange feelings there sometimes at night and always felt werry of the place (my sis would'nt stay thwere along)But I kept having this same dream about an old house on our land and i was walking up the drive way and there was this white house and children running and playing outside remember i was a kid when i dreamt this bt remember it like last night ! But anyway all the kids about 4 was dressed in white dresses like back in the oldtimey days look!Thats the feelin i got! The dream would just be the same thing over and over me running up my drive way which was a 1/2 mile long and seeing this house oinstead of my trailer and it looked different then i would wake up or thats all i remember ! Well now im 18 yrs old married with a child and my father was over at the house last week and i was telling him (which i never metioned to him when i was young bout it)about my dream i would have and he looked at me weird and cause he knew the previous onwers and he said they said it stayed in the family ! So i asked him what he knew about the land and he said that they told him, that only one other house was built on the land and it was slaves that lived there and it was a white house which was tore down years before i was born ! i got a werid feeling but then again i was like so that 's why i was having the dream !Does anyone think there s a connection?
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