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book - Delitto e castigo
April 11, 2008 8:22am CST
Where do you prefer to read your books or newspapers? I like to do that at home buy there I have, always, to do anything else so I do on my daily train. So, describe your best place to stay alone with your book.
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@tholmes (101)
• Canada
12 Apr 08
I like to read at home, usually in the front room and always at night, I never have time to read during the day and at night it helps me to unwind from the day.. I will also read in the bathroom, about the only place I can be alone lol...
@makingpots (11922)
• United States
11 Apr 08
I like to read while sitting nice and cozy on my couch with my reading lamp. But I can relate to you. I like to read so much and will grab the opportunity whenever I can. If I took a daily train I am sure I would read there too.
• Indonesia
11 Apr 08
the best place for me to read all alone is in my living room. I think it's the coziest place for me to read morning newspaper, magazines, and so on. beside it, I also enjoy reading them in my own bedroom. it is also comfortable to read there.
@enola1692 (3325)
• United States
11 Apr 08
I sit on my porch swing an read out there its nice an quiet except the birds
@kalass (611)
• India
11 Apr 08
I like to read it in my hostel room eating my evening snacks.