iTunes Playlists

April 11, 2008 11:39am CST
Do you have any playlits on iTunes? Like some people have ones for happy songs/sad songs/love songs, etc. I have a summer playlist, but that's all. Apart from the default iTunes ones that is.
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@katfish86 (146)
11 Apr 08
I do indeed. I have: female vocals, give it a name 2008, linkin park, nice and chilled, and seen live. My female vocals playlist is pretty self explanatory really! the GIAN one is a playlist of bands who're playing at give it a name.. linkin park is the setlist from when i saw them live back in january, chilled is just that.. and seen live is self explanatory too. I also have the 'smart playlist' things. One with all my 5* rated music, one with my 100 most played, my recently added tracks, and my recently played tracks. They're basically the default iTunes ones but a couple have been modified a bit.
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16 Jul 08
I love using the play lists. I have a few bands where i have all their cds so at times it makes it easier just to make a playlist of my favorite songs. Plus once u get how to use smart play lists I have a series of them that in theory should be able to play all the songs on the ipod.