If i dont drink tea....i get headache

@alcazar (762)
April 11, 2008 1:35pm CST
I have this hobby or should i say addiction to drinking tea on a regular basis...but off late in summer i tried to quit drinking just to test myself...It was fine the first day but later a migrane headache started..... It wasnt the normal headache..when i drank tea it was all gone...i have consulted doctor ,he said that this is common with people drinking tea... What do u think....or are u too facing this problem??
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@momalisa65 (1984)
• United States
12 Apr 08
Yes, it's Caffeine Withdrawal. The same thing happens to me with Mountain Dew. You have to gradually wean yourself off of it. Drink less and less each day. Don't just drink your normal amount and then quit. I find that if I just have one bottle a day I don't get that problem if I skip a day, but if I forget and have 2 bottles in one day and then none the next day I wind up in bed with a headache for a day or two!
• United States
14 Apr 08
Momalisa is right, please do not withdraw quickly or you will have a major headache with may disable you for a time. Check to see what else you are drinking with caffiene. You may have a migraine syndrom and not know it. I do, and when I withdrew from caffiene I thought I was doing it gradually and I ended up in the hospital. I was already being treated by a migraine specialist. You may want to post under the headache/migraine section. Coffee and tea have more caffiene in them than a bottle of soda and some have more than others. Good luck and if you need some help please feel free to messsage me. Remember that many analgesics have caffeine in them as well.
• United States
15 Apr 08
I just remembered something else after I read your post. My son kept getting headaches and I kept asking him if he was drinking soda or tea or anything with caffeine when he was at work because on his day off he had a headache. He kept saying no. I even asked him about chocolate. He said no. After many many headaches, months and months later, I ansered him in a different way. When he asked me why he always gets headaches on his day off, I asked him WHAT IS IT that you normally have on the days you work, that you do NOT HAVE on your days off? He said "An Energy Drink". Well, there ya go! They have caffeine in them too! He didn't realize it because they were fruit flavored I guess.
@kymommy72 (588)
• United States
11 Apr 08
It's probably the caffine in the tea that's your problem. I think when I was pregnant I read that tea actually has more caffine than coffee. Drinking it daily, your body has gotten use to the caffine, and when it doesn't have it, it kicks in a headache. Kinda like when you don't eat or skip meals, you get a headache. Your body is used to getting that food, when it doesn't get it, your head starts to pound.
@cher913 (25889)
• Canada
11 Apr 08
well i have never heard of this, but it has got me wondering, can tea be addictive? i know coffee can be...what else did the dr tell you? i only drink tea once in awhile, but i am interested...thanks.