Mediacom ia a monopoly

United States
April 11, 2008 2:25pm CST
I am so tired of being taken for a fool by my cable company. Here I thought I was getting a great deal for my cable tv and my internet, only to find I'd been given a different plan than the one promised to me, and now my bill is increasing dramatically, and I'm told that the plan I thought I was buying is not for me...for new customers only...and since I have had my service for 6 mo, I can't go back and get the plan that I thought I had. Quest advertises a similar plan, that will last for a full year like the on promised me by mediacom...but, when I call I am told the service is not available in my area...because Mediacom owns all the cable, and won't let them in. I either get taken advantage by Mediacom and like it, or I simply go without. I was taught that Monopoly was illegal...isn't there some sort of law to protect us as consumers from companies such as this?
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