Three Brothers

April 12, 2008 1:57am CST
Here's another case sent to me by a friend, a mind boggling case for the detective mylot users here. :) Three brothers, Cane, Dane and Rayne had criminal records and were suspected of being responsible for three recent armed robberies. Questioning of the brothers by police, and statement by witness, revealed that: 1. Two of the brothers carried out bank robbery. 2. Two of them broke into the factory. 3. Two of them raided the armored truck. 4. The one who wasn't in on the armored truck job wasn't involved in the factory break-in. 5. Rayne wasn't at the factory break-in or the bank robbery. WHO DID WHAT?
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10 May 08
cane and dane did it all
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@rabboni (30)
12 Apr 08
I concluded that Cane and Dane committed both crimes....but Rayne wasn't in on any of them..... explanation below... Truck job - ? ! ! Bank job - ? ! ! Factory job-? ! ! ? - dont know..... ! - either of the three brothers.... since both the ?'s in the factory and the truck job are the same.... that leaves both ! ! in both jobs the same. And since Rayne wasnt in on the on the factory break in or the bank robbery that leaves no slots for the other job, that is, the armoured truck job....which means Rayne is innocent
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