laptop & dekstop

April 12, 2008 3:15am CST
hello friends u have know the price of cmputers & laptops decreses regularley. the compney brand laptops are available in market at very low cost. so u have which one should be like to both of them.
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• India
12 Apr 08
hi ya u are write the price of computer & laptop is very decreases i am also like to be purchase laptop because it is more comfortable than desktop. it is easy to carry from one place to another so i am advice to u that u should be also purchase only the laptop rather than the desktop.
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• India
12 Apr 08
ya i am know i am interested to purchase laptop because it is more comfortable
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• Canada
14 Apr 08
Given a choice between a laptop and a desk top, I prefer a laptop. I like being able to take my computer with me wherever I go, and get my work done from anywhere. I also enjpy the fact that I can use wireless internet, with my laptop.