water is source of life

April 12, 2008 5:04am CST
who didn't agree with that statement . . . we all know if the water is source of a life caused no oneelse can be life in this world without water.. if u find some a negative remark about water let us discuss here... maybe like flood or else... why the water can be distroyer or what was wrong here !
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• India
12 Apr 08
Too much of anything can be trouble even too much of water, drunk leads to problems , so beware!. with regards www.chocolatesavy.com
• Indonesia
27 Apr 08
yes your right ! but why it's happen, our nature have balancing of own. human try to modify a little or in big number of their... example like us said about drink...! if we get drink in enough quantity that's good too for our body right! i hope you do the right too, like you said...! we love our world although we didn't live here forever....
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@Psyclown (131)
• Venezuela
2 May 08
The water is necessary but you can see examples of the strange world here in doth America we have a lot of water and sometimes the strong rain make disasters in the other hand we see other continent like Africa were people have to drink what they find in cactus.
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• United States
2 May 08
I always agree that water and air are both sources of life. Yeah, water is important for your health. I rather choose pure and filtered water. We see that water lubricates your joints. Water rehydrates; replacing water that was lost through urination and sweat. Water replenishes cells and blood. Most of all importantly, water enables you to be more active. Water also controls thirst. In order to know if you got enough water, as you go to the bathroom to urinate, you see if you got clear urine. In order to know if you are low on water and need more, you go to the bathroom to urinate, you see if you got yellow to dark brown urine. Yeah, please simply check out the BRITA water company that offers filtration products. The website: www.brita.com. Let me know what you think. Think of the products Brita has to offer.