child abuse statistics

United States
April 12, 2008 5:09am CST
i came across a very disturbing statistic today! 63% of all children are abused in some way before their 18th birthday. that means that out of every 100 children at least 63 of them have or will be abused. this is very scary to anyone who is thinking about having children because it is hard to hide them out completely to protect them from the world. it is also scary that out of the children who are abused about 50% are abused by their own family members. it is crazy what this world has turned in to. my question to everybody is how do we protect our children from being hurt when the threat is right under our nose but goes unnoticed or you see them and wave hi to them everyday yet do not know what they are capable of? i do not understand why this is such a big problem because children are so precious and i can't believe that about half are abused by their own family. think about it how many children do you know? now think about what the possibilities are. scary ain't it?
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