April 12, 2008 7:45am CST
so after about 7-8 mnths of not doing anything, i finally decided that enough was enough and allowed my friend to drag me to a jiu jit su class. it was great fun, although when i woke up this morning i could barely move. so does anyone of any good ways to prevent/get rid of aching muscles. thanks in advance
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@dandj929 (424)
• United States
12 Apr 08
Take a nice shower or bath. Also stretching, even though it may hurt a little could ease the pain. Maybe this is a good reason to go get yourself a massage? Are you going to continue with the classes? The pain should ease up after a couple of days, keep it up. You'll be in shape in no time!!
12 Apr 08
thanks for the advice. yeh im going to keep it going, as i want to get in shape before thesummer weather come along. it was great fun though, and i think i may take up that idea of a massage lol. i just cant wait for the pain to go, its hurting just to type lol.
@rhane7315 (5672)
• Philippines
17 Apr 08
try some muscle pain relievers. they work well
@Cuimrhcp (40)
• Argentina
12 Apr 08
the problem is that before doin jiu jit su, taekwon do o whatever xD(after months of doing nothing =P) you have to run a little every day, some exercise, cause the body isnt used to activity I had a problem like that few years ago :S it was horrible