Food Crisis

April 12, 2008 9:01am CST
since the world declare and shows that we have a food crisis. My question is how are you affected by it? what do you do to survive this era? and what can you advise to other mylotter on what are we supposed to do to survive this crisis? oh well.. i hope we all can survive this..
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• Malaysia
13 Apr 08
The food crisis has caused the price of food to increase especially those in restaurants. The most significant is the price of padi and dishes that contain rice. Many Restaurants around my place are serving smaller portions of rice at higher price even though the price of padi is controlled by the government. My only advice is to cut off unnecessary expenses since food is a necessity. We can't exactly eat less now can we? If you do that, where are you going to get enough energy to work? I have also read in the newspaper that some people had to skip lunch just so that they can eat at dinner time.
• Philippines
14 Apr 08
yeah food establishment are increasing their prices and yet their servings is getting smaller.we don't actually get what we paid for. and you are right we should not buy the unnecessary things and we should just focus on what we need especially food on our table because that is essential in our survival..