Calling all techie guys

United States
April 12, 2008 9:14am CST
I am new here in my lot, a friend of mine refer me to this site. I need help! I am novice here, i bought a new modem which is zyxel and can go online. the problem is that when i hook up the router which is a linksys wireless router, it doesn't work. it worked before though what are your suggestion? called ISP but they just cant help me, hvent tried linkssys tho
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@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
12 Apr 08
Based on what you provided me (thru message), here are some steps you could try: INformation: Modem: zyxel IP: 3 wired computers, 2 wireless router: WRT54GS IP Address: Solution you can try: (but still it would be best to contact Linksys) 1. Establish your physical connection (modem-- router-- 3 wired computers) 2. Hard reset the router. Push reset button for 30 seconds then power off router. 3. POwer off modem and computers. Wait 1 minute. 4. Power on modem first, check stable lights. 5. Power on the router, wait for the power light to be solid. 6. Boot up all computers. IP should be and default is 7. Check Internet. You should be up and running on all 3 wired computers For the wireless, connect to your signal and that's it. Hope this helps!