Sleeping Habits of Kids

@yoj118 (329)
April 12, 2008 12:54pm CST
I remember when I was still just a kid,I used to have 5 pillows all over me, 1 for my head, 1 to cover my face, the other below my feet, another one between my knees and the last one I used to hug. Imagine 5 pillows so I could get to sleep!!! lol... Now that I'm a mom, I also noticed the habits of my kids during bedtime... My daughter couldn't sleep without thumbsucking even now that she's 4 yrs. old.. We wanted her to stop this habit but she can't..She usually does it only when she feels sleepy. While my son has this favorite pillow, which he used to pinch the corner of it until he gets asleep..Even though it's torn already, smelly or dirty (that's why I have to wash it frequently) he can't sleep without it.. That's why we even have to bring it with us whenever we have sleepovers to my parent's house.. These habits of us during childhood seemed to be silly but it's a fact..we do really have them and can't SLEEP without them!!! lol...
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@wickedangel (1636)
• Dominican Republic
18 Apr 08
Aren't children adorable when they are asleep, the look of innocence is unbeatable, it breaks your heart with happiness every time you see it. I used to have a baby satin cover that used to lie on my cot and I continue to use it until I was about 10 and unfortunately it got lost on a train. I was unconsolable when I realised what had happened. Mum had then to get me a piece of satin to that I could stroke it to bed. This habbit went on for many, many, many years and even now if I am aggitated then I need my little bit of satin to calm me down. I too used to suck my thumb and didn't get over it until I was quite a bit older. Unforunately I pushed my front teeth out and had to have braces but it still didn't stop me from doing it!
@sedel1027 (17854)
• United States
12 Apr 08
My son likes a ton of blankets and all of his stuffed animals. At age 9, I wonder if he will ever out grow th stuffed animals.