Truth and Lie the same?

April 12, 2008 5:35pm CST
Have you ever think that truth and lie are the same? As I was observing people talking, I have thought that truth and lie are really the same. I think if you believe what a person say to you, you believe that he is saying the truth but if you doubted and never believe what that person says, you may think that it is a lie. For me, it is TRUST that judges Truth and Lie...
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• China
16 Apr 08
i agree with you in some ways. also like when someone has a prejudiced view on something, they are just not ready to listen to a different voice.
@winterose (39916)
• Canada
15 Apr 08
I do not lie, I think a person's reputation is the most important think in life. But there have been some people over the years who have lied to me and really hurt me too because of it.
@kishusia (1069)
• India
15 Apr 08
Truth and lie are not same. What is not true is a lie. We may perceive a statement made by some other person as truth or lie, but that person knows whether he is telling a truth or lie.
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
14 Apr 08
Hehe, i remember when someone said, i think in a movie or a book that a lie often told becomes the truth. In reality, no one can ever know the truth except you... the truth about yourself, and what you do to your life and of course, God. And about the truth of the universe, no one can even judge if that is the truth for all... cause, yes there could be conflicts that how do we know that the one thing you believe to be the truth is a lie told by a person several days, or decades back...? We can only hold unto these and belive that it is the truth.. it relies in our judgement of things... thus there are different points of views, different beliefs, and traditions...
• China
14 Apr 08
In my opinion truth and lie are not the same. Truth is accepted by most people,While lie is something moral aspets. There are two kinds of lie,a goodwill lies and melicious lies. Sometimes the goodwill lies are necessary. Truth in my view is just like that the earth goes around the sun. But as the knowledge restricted some centuries age people can always regard the wrong things as the truth,even so the wrong truth is not equal with the lie.
@eseomame (1146)
• United States
13 Apr 08
You know, now that you have mentioned it, I have actually analyzed it and come to the conclusion that truth and lie may be the same and both are actually subjective in the sense that one person may refer to something as the truth and another person can come and just write it off as a lie. Well done!