they say CORN is a good substitute for RICE... is this true?

@athinapie (1152)
April 12, 2008 10:18pm CST
Rice is all over the news lately... why? because of it's never ending increase in price here in the Philippines. It's really a big deal to us since we consider Rice as our staple food. Yesterday, my mom told me that if ever we don't get to afford buying rice anymore, CORN would be a good substitute. I was like... huh? really? I mean... is it really a good substitute? or is it just cheaper? what do you think?
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@pinkista (892)
• Philippines
1 Jul 08
My parents told me that in Cebu, people there use CORN as their substitute instead of rice. So, this corn is already grinded so you can feel it you're just like eating rice. I haven't tried it yet but looks really good. My parents are used to it, I hope we can try eating corn as a subsitute.
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• Philippines
2 Jul 08
I have tried it when I went to a vacation in my mom's hometown. It was normal for people to eat grinded corn there. It tastes a bit different but it's not bad. It just takes some getting used to most especially because we've been used to eating rice.
• Philippines
2 Jul 08
Well, I suggest you try it and see for yourself. =) At first, I don't believe it, too, but one time, mom cooked some corn quite late in the afternoon. I got to eat some corn, and when I felt full, I decided not to eat dinner anymore. It did make me last the night without feeling hungry, but I still would prefer eating rice. I guess nothing can beat the old rice and viand thing.
• India
2 Jul 08
Yes, I know. Rice is staple for us too and its cost is going thru the roof these days. Even then, I don’t think corn would be a better substitute. Corn may have better benefits than rice, but you cant certainly cook the corn the way your cook rice. Corn can be powdered and made into bread but rice is to be boiled eaten like that. On rice depends our other food too as the dishes that best suit rice, does not suit bread. If corn is to be introduced, rice-eating people would have to completely change their food habits and that is something which would lead to further complications.