April 13, 2008 6:01am CST
Stephen Hawking is one of the great examples of homosapiens' will to survive and excel.This life certainly will lead us to philosophical thoughts .to know him is a self-cleansing process
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13 Apr 08
Hawking appears on Star Trek, with Sir Isaac Newto - A picture of Hawking in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Holgrams of famous scientists are at the core of one of Data's little mind-expanding experiments.
Well, you've gottah agree, the man has excelled at continuing his life's purpose, ie: making sure that his theories are published, and working in concert with other great mathematical minds, attempting to solve the mysteries of the Universe. Have you ever been to his site? it's at: I love it...there's so much to read, so much to ponder, and so much to do, including being able to write the Professor an email! (Course, he may not get back to you quickly, but I know that his assistant will attempt to answer any questions that you may have.) I truly hope tht he's able to continue his life's work for a long, long time.:)